Our Best Real Estate Stories of 2017


Tower Trip Real Estate Magazine explores amazing properties in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Pacific West Coast Meets Innovative, Cutting-Edge Design Just 30 Minutes From Victoria, BC

Look at this jaw-dropping new video for 529 Swanwick Rd in Victoria, BC. Simply Sensational: The Pacific West Coast meets innovative, cutting-edge design. Just 30 minutes from Victoria on a stunning 67-acre oceanfront parcel, this award-winning home is sited close to its 1,400 linear feet of shoreline. 10,700 sq. ft of extraordinary contemporary lines are[...]

Inside a Breezy 2.5M$ Townhome With Backyard Oasis in Delray Beach, Florida

Just far enough from Trump's blockade in West Palm Beach and safe from the flock of snowbirds in Fort-Lauderdale, stands the vibrant and entertainment rich city of Delray Beach. Downtown on the Atlantic Avenue, you can enjoy the fuzz and buzz of dozens of good eats and luxury shopping boutiques while at the end of the strip and across the canal, you will fin[...]

Our Best Real Estate Stories of 2017

What makes a good story? Is it an expensive price tag? A flamboyant guest during a private tour? An exclusive access to a top floor villain hideout? A remote discovery of a luxury log mansion in the mountains? After three years of real estate explorations, it is still hard to put a finger on what we really do at TOWER TRIP. At the end of the day, it's all j[...]

Inside a Sunny Historic House Completely Restored by Projet AV on the South Shore of Montreal

This story is part of The Journey, a series of travel and personal stories into the real estate world by editor Jeff Lee. I'm very glad to introduce you to the team who worked on my latest listing in Vieux-Longueuil, an historic house on a corner lot that was restored with a lot of love! The three siblings who work under the company Projet AV take pride in [...]

12 Things to do in the Eastern Townships: Winter Edition

It was about time we put the TRIP back in TOWER TRIP! Since I listed this charming Bed & Breakfast in the Eastern Townships, I decided to go out there and test the hospitality for myself. I brought along pretty face Vincent Malo and a couple of plaid shirts for a weekend that would become a bromance to remember. For more info about the B&B for sale, [...]

Low Key Converted Duplex by L'Abri Reveals Brilliant Interiors

Story by Jeff Lee Pictures by Jack Jérôme Because municipalities like Le Plateau Mont-Royal hold strict building and aesthetic rules when it comes to conversions, some of the most interesting projects simply blend in, behind their conventional former facades. Nevertheless, once you step inside, projects like this new single-family townhouse on rue Rivard[...]

Inside A Montreal Car Dealership Converted into Spacious Lofts

This original story was published on February 29, 2016 and is now part of our classic series. Note that Francis and Gabrielle have now moved into a much bigger loft but still own this unit as an investment! - When Francis Gosselin and Gabrielle Madé told me they recently purchased a loft converted from a former car dealership building, they had my curi[...]

$3.5 million for an eco-friendly modern home near the 401 - Via TORONTO Life

Address: 116 Upper Canada Drive Neighbourhood: St. Andrew-Winfields Agent: Chris Killam, Property.ca Realty Inc., Brokerage Price: $3,499,900 Previously sold for: $550,000, in 2009, prior to a rebuild The home was designed by architect Richard Librach and built in 2010. Many of the neighbouring properties are postwar bungalows, but they’re slowly being [...]

De la Roche Residence in Montreal by NatureHumaine | via ArchDaily

Pictures by Adrien Williams Via V2Com A couple with two young children wish to transform a duplex located in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie into their principal family residence. The project consists in reorganizing the original portion of the house and enlarging it with an extension in the yard while preserving the façade on the street as required by the city [...]

Magical Courtyard and Laneway House create Unique and Confidential Compound in Toronto

We'd like to congratulate real estate broker Paul Johnston and his team for the recent sale of 1587 Dupont Street in Toronto. Asking price was 2.4M$. "I’ve passed by this building for a number of years, wondering what lay behind the very handsome façade. I suspected that anyone who cared enough to detail their windows so elegantly, likely had crafted so[...]

This Mid-Century Modern Home Has so Many Details, You Might Need a Moment!

"You have to come look at this house! I think it would be an amazing feature for TOWER TRIP." That was the pitch of my friend and colleague Marie Champagne, trying to lure me into her newest trophy listing. And it usually doesn't take more than that to catch my curiosity! If you have an amazing property to feature here, let us know! Nestled by[...]



TOWER TRIP Magazine explores amazing properties in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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