We thought it would be interesting to show the difference between what you can have in Montreal versus Paris with the same purchasing power.

Similar neighbourhoods

For the purpose of this exercise, we have focused our searches in the areas of Rosemont and Le Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal, which compare in terms of equivalent lifestyle and demographics with what you would find in the districts of Arts et Métier, Odéon, République and Bercy in Paris

Prices per square meter

  • Montréal (Le Plateau & Rosemont) : 2630€
  • Paris (3rd district & 6th district) : 15 400€

Also note that between 2010 and 2015, Rosemont’s average prices increased 20% and Plateau Mont-Royal’s average prices increased by 14%.

Now let’s see what your money gets you in both cities! Oh and click links for more pictures.


For 350 000 €

In paris : On 6th floor of a beautiful old building recently renovated, you can have a 23 square meter apartment with three balconies. The view over the rooftops is beautiful ! Situated in Saint Sulpice, this area is one of the most sought after places in Paris !

358403 358402 358405

In Rosemont : A splendid renovated apartment of 112 square meters in the heart of a charming and dynamic residential area. I enjoyed the rusted steel staircase, the clean lines and surfaces.

6981-rue-de-Normanville_03_PR 6981-rue-de-Normanville_22_PR 6981-rue-de-Normanville_12_PR

In Plateau Mont-Royal : Classic and elegant, this apartment is 107 square meters. The light looks amazing ! Spacious rooms and huge private terrace.

media (2) media (3) media

For 700 000 €

In Paris : Small apartment of 25 square meter located near Saint Sulpice, one of the most elegant spots on the Left Bank in Paris. On the top floor of a beautiful building built around 1900, the contemporary design of the place is seducing. I love the view of Paris’ rooftops, it’s so relaxing !

22067_500x0_1 PANAME PANAME11

In Rosemont :  A luxurious property on 3 levels near of the Pelican Park. The penthouse is very large: 150 square meters. The minimal approach to the design and the beautiful light also adds charm to the place. Also note : three private terrace and a jacuzzi.

media (1) media (2) media

In Plateau Mont-Royal : This apartment of 94 square meter is very unique and special. I was immediately attracted by the wood floors and the modern design of the property. The view overlooking the terrace is also very interesting.

media (4) media (5) media (4)

For 1 000 000 €

In Paris : In the area of Luxembourg, you could have a property of 85 square meters in a beautiful building. This charming apartment is composed of a lounge, a dining room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The proximity of schools and Luxembourg Park are the assets qualities of this place.

paris 2 Paris 1 369906

In Rosemont : Unique and spectacular condo of 333 square meter located in a old church. I was captivated by the amazing light and the staircase over three floors. This modern property also has a private terrace on the rooftop. Take a look inside !

media.ashx media (7) media (6)

In Plateau Mont-Royal : A sumptuous cottage of 176 square meter. Also note : 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms all renovated. I adore the minimalist design and the central staircase.

media.ashx 1.1    media (8) media.ashx 2.1

Vanida Nhouyvanisvong
Editorial Intern

Vanida is a Parisian student majoring in management and marketing from Nanterre University. She is passionate about art, indie rock music, and vintage design and decoration. She enjoys recycling old materials and gives them a second life. She also enjoys to discover and explore beautiful landscapes. She will contribute to develop editorial relationships and social media engagements with the Paris influencers.