Following our previous story inside Cressey’s Maddox Penthouse, we meet again with Jason Turcotte, VP of Development at Cressey for a visit of their most recent development’s sales office.

As the population is aging, a lot of empty nesters are thinking about downsizing their big family home. But they are not necessarily willing to make concessions on the comfort and warmth they are used to. As we step inside the home of the new Cressey development called Sterling, Jason Turcotte swiftly addresses the matter:

“First thing you notice about this unit is the entrance. You don’t simply walk into the living room but rather enter into an impressive vestibule, like you would expect in a family home.”


Once you’ve past the vestibule and powder room, the home opens up on The CresseyKitchen™. Yes, it’s trademarked and Jason gave me a witty smile as he explained:

“The kitchen is where we spend most of our time, right? We spent numerous years trying to understand how to make this part of a home more fluid, welcoming and efficient.”


Immaculate cabinetry of Italian wood, gleaming stone countertops and modern details combine in a remarkably open, walk-through space designed for movement, even when the entire family comes to visit.



“We also chose to build this 4-storey high project with concrete, contrary to wood usually chosen by low-rise developments. Sound concrete construction provides a noticeably quieter, more durable home,” explains Jason as we flow through the living room towards the master.



This two-bedroom floor plan also includes a slick home office / den with a lot of light that pours through the glass doors of the second bedroom. There was an overall flow between spaces as I circulated around the home.

This project is located in Kerrisdale, minutes from the amenities of UBC and the Arbutus Club. To learn more about this project, visit the official website. The Sterling Display Home is location at 3130 Arbutus Street, Vancouver open daily.


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