When the first snowflakes started teasing ski lovers in the greater Montreal area, our scouting focus started to shift up north, towards alpine retreats and secondary residences. We’re glad that Sotheby’s broker Jérémi Sirois reached out to talk about this new construction development called Via Sauvagia, located just north-east of Saint-Adèle in the Laurentians. This project has a very interesting story:

“Everything started with a couple of developers who loved to play outdoors. They dreamed of a place where they could live, work and play in constant contact with untouched nature. So when they had the opportunity to acquire their own mountain, with a ski resort on it, they signed right away ! And that’s where they built Via Sauvagia, a mountainside residential development offering more than seven kilometres of recreational trails, 22 acres of skiable terrain, lookouts, a panoramic walkway, community pavilion and a star-gazing spot. A genuinely natural playground” explains Jérémi.

Here are pictures of 740 Montée de l’Adret, a single-family house. Imagine now with three feet of untouched white powder snow.

IMG_740 (33) IMG_740 (8) IMG_740 (7)

In the 1970’s Mont Sauvage was a popular ski resort. Located at the crossroads between Sainte Adèle and Val-Morin in the Laurentians. It is only two minutes from Highway 15 and 45 minute from Montréal. With a summit reaching 505 metres, Mont Sauvage offers one of the most impressive panoramic views in the Laurentians. Buying into Via Sauvagia makes you owner of that mountain and amenities.

Whatever type of property you choose in this development, whether it’s a condo, a townhouse or a single-family house, the contemporary architecture with their abundant windows and high-quality construction will allow you to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of Mont Sauvage to the fullest.

For more information on how to become king of this mountain, contact broker Jérémi Sirois.

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