“You have to come look at this house! I think it would be an amazing feature for TOWER TRIP.” That was the pitch of my friend and colleague Marie Champagne, trying to lure me into her newest trophy listing. And it usually doesn’t take more than that to catch my curiosity! If you have an amazing property to feature here, let us know!

Nestled by the River des Prairies

Located on the prestigious Somerville Road and surrounded by many other million dollar properties, the one-story built stretches on a wide lot directly on the river. Over the course of this collaboration with Marie, it seems like fall season decided to wear its most beautiful colors every time I drove to this place. See for yourself.

Here are actual shots from our collaboration video that you can watch at the end of the story.

Named la Maison Miron

This mid-century modern masterpiece by Jacques Vincent was commissioned in the 60’s by one brother of the Miron Family, french-Canadian cement industrialists who made their fortune at the turn of the century. One notable feature is the immense ceramic fresco created by national treasure Alfred Pellan, painter and artist.

Oh, and did I mention the indoor pool?

A monument of taste

Not just this fresco should belong to a museum. Inside, most of the furniture and finishes will arouse the finest connoisseurs. I particularly love this huge copper fireplace hut.

Also every single bathroom is different and a true work of art.

The fact that the house is nestled on a small slope also allows the lower-level to benefit from natural light.

A night to remember

Marie and I decided that this masterpiece would make a perfect backdrop to invite designers, artists and friends from the architecture landscape for a tasteful happy hour, opening an exclusive window for them to explore and feel this property. Thanks to everyone who came and made this night special for us.

Here is a video produced by TOWER TRIP which tells the story of The Setup of 175 Somerville.

Director of photography : Alexandre Hallé
Music and editing: Jeff Lee
Event photograph: Bruno Guérin
Sommelier: Philip Morisset – Vins Origines


For more information about the house offered at 2.85M$, see the official listing page.

Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

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