In our recent article “The New Challenges of Real Estate Marketing” published on Sparksheet and Infopresse, we were stressing how much important it is nowadays to build a strong and unique brand image while generating engaging content and stories.

We were therefore recently pleased to discover a new and independent banner called M Immobilier in Montréal, founded by Justin Comeau and Anthony Coletti in November 2014. The boutique agency puts a lot of effort in crafting compelling video tours and boast a slick image on all of their social platforms.

M Immobilier Montreal


“Beginning with our brand’s identity, our focus was on the aesthetics of our materials such as our signs, cards, brochures, website as well as forward thinking with the use of superior visual-media in bringing homes to market” tells us Justin Comeau.

“We’re also committed to accepting only Real Estate brokers with a similar vision, knowing well that in an industry fueled by quantity, quality would be our biggest asset”.

Simply take a look at the production value of this next video tour, including majestic drone shots, sweet voice overs and artistic video renderings. Thanks to an in-house Visual-Media Director exclusively handling all of the company’s photos/videos.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.04

The 5 original brokers of M were all part of a same team operating under the Sutton banner. The M team has now more than 30 agents on board.

“Working on our own sales (under Sutton) before branching out, our strengths were in marketing/branding. We felt that a new/fresh brand would excel in our market, and to-date this has proven very true. We wanted to avoid the obstacles associated with passing forward ideas through an existing structure. M provides us with the freedom to excel, and the ability to act freely without friction” explains Justin Comeau.

The founders at M hope to keep attracting like-minded individuals organically.

“While our competition focuses heavily on recruiting from other agencies – including cold-calls, email campaigns, and incentivizing their brokers to recruit on their behalf, our model is (and will remain) magnetic. Naturally, professionals from other brands have noticed a higher standard at M, and have reached out to us own their own account.”

To learn more about this agency, visit their official website.

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