It was a foggy morning when the cab dropped me off in Kits Point. I’ve spent the last couple of days downtown and I was coming back to Kitsilano to find the beach deserted and covered in a mysterious mist. Contrary to the skies this day, my thoughts were clear and uncluttered. This Vancouver trip and especially the West Coast slower lifestyle was gently over-taking me.

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The house we’re about to enter is nestled in a special and tiny area called Kits Point, which is literally enclosed between the beach waterfront and the steep hill upward the commercial arteries and wide residential sector of Kitsilano. Sotheby’s Vancouver realtor Ann Green has kindly accepted to take me inside this very special property.

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Obviously, I had seen it online, but stepping in that living room to suddenly face the indoor pool was a shock! The height of the room, the light pouring from this huge skylight and the fresh smell made me want to stay there for all winter.

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The owner came in and out to greet us on his way for a run by the beach: a 40 something bachelor, handsome and working in the tech industry. I understood right away that this house had seen its share of entertaining nights.

“This home seems to unravel more living areas as you climb up the levels, allowing each family member to have its divided space when not together“, tells me Ann as we rise up the 5 levels split floor plan.


The top floor balcony next to the home office has been enclosed to create a sun-soaked shower. It must be perfect in the morning.

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“Don’t you feel this house envelopes you as you go up?”

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We then find ourselves on the roof patio overlooking the neighborhood. “This house benefited from a relaxation in the height regulations when it was built in the mid 70’s, that’s why we seem to float above the surrounding properties”, explains Ann.

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“Vancouver is a young city compared to Montreal or Toronto. I like to think of it as a teenager: You can see the potential and feel the energy but it still haven’t found its true identity yet. But it wants to grow and be big!”


Also steps from the Vancouver Museum, I was thrilled to be able to catch the exhibit Happy Show by world famous designer Stefan Sagmeister! For more information about this amazing property, please contact listing agents Ann Green & Suzanne Miscisco.


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