Elisha Sander of Oakwyn Realty in Vancouver has been capturing our attention for a while now, thanks to her carefully crafted Instagram aesthetics and some of the beautiful properties she markets. With an acting and dancing background, she seems to understand the subtle and bewitching power of image and storytelling on social media.

“I always joke that improv classes helped me with Real Estate because you’re constantly on your toes.”

Step-daughter of a builder in Alberta, Elisha got her first dip in real estate while helping the family with sales and marketing. But it is only after moving in Vancouver in 2012 that the hustle really started.


Preparing my tour list today for a new client. 5 properties… 1 realtor. That’s the intro to my movie.

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What made you jump into real estate?
I moved in Vancouver in 2012, and worked in sales for a cosmetics line. As I was visiting the accounts, I got to know the city really well and started thinking again about the real estate industry. I met a friend who was involved and in 2014 I put two feet in and haven’t looked back.



What new approach do you bring to the industry?
I think being a millennial in this industry is opening up new doors to marketing opportunities and different ways of selling property that maybe weren’t used or available in the past. I personally rely heavily on social media for my marketing because I think my generation responds well to it, and is very involved with social media.

“Real estate will always be a relationship based industry so there is elements of it that I don’t think will or can change, but mostly the marketing side.”



What change do you witness in your trade?
In this age, people want answers fast – So as a realtor if you don’t get back to a potential client within 10 minutes (in my experience) they’ll probably call a different realtor. People can search the MLS for property, and do a lot of research on their own, so you have to be quick and always stay one step ahead of your client which is time consuming but in the end, it’ll get you the business.

You can follow Elisha Sander on Instagram or visit her official website.  

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