I could easily tell how much Alex was excited because he was walking so fast and talking non-stop on our way to the Icone Condominium Tower downtown Montréal. We’ve been looking for a construction site for a while to draft a first “yellow helmet story” and when I drove past the Icone busy worksite, I started to make some phone calls.

Also climbing with us is Vincent Brillant, an architectural photographer behind Montrealismes, an Instagram account where he shares his stunning clichés. We all felt like 10 year olds.





A smart and cutting-edge project

From the high-tech simulations in the sales office to the way the work site is efficiently managed by Pomerleau, seems like nothing as been left to chance. Ceiling heights in the units will range from 9 to 14 feet and amenities include a yearlong outdoor spa as well as gorgeous pool perched on the 8th floor.

In designing ICÔNE, the architects placed a great importance on sun and wind loads. The structure’s smooth corners and clean lines maximize direct sunlight into the units. Floor-to-ceiling windows fully capture the breathtaking views.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-13 à 19.15.36 IMG_1132

?Retour dans les hauteurs! Visite du chantier de la tour Icône avec @towertrip. #OnTheRoofs #thisMTL #VSCOcam

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The Poseidon Curb

One of the interesting features of this building is the poseidon curve starting at the 10th floor. From inside on the unit, as you slowly advance toward the window,  the rest of the floors seem to disappear from under your feet. This gave us the illusion of floating over René-Levèsque as the cars drove under our cloud.

Capture d’écran 2015-08-13 à 19.15.06 Capture d’écran 2015-08-13 à 19.17.49 IMG_1208 IMG_1218


Eye to eye with the mountain

As you may know, the Montreal development City Council is pretty strict about how high towers can go in an effort to protect the view on Mont-Royal. From where we stood, we could clearly appreciate the views on the monster sleeping at the center of the city. There we could get a sense of the future panorama these upper units will provide once completed in fall 2016.



We would like to thanks Pier Genest, assistant project manager at Pomerleau for letting us in his work site and Geoffrey Allan, Vice President of Development at Icone Condominium for the guided tour.


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