NOTE: Prices might change over time due to the constant rate variations, of course. The exercise was done using the exchange rate:  $1 CAD = $0,76 US

Since we are about to meet a lot of Americans during The Real Deal Showcase and Forum in Toronto, we thought it would be interesting to show how much the US dollar can afford on the Montreal market. As usual, remember that we don’t provide investment advices, just reporting the facts / numbers.

So here are the prices of 5 Montreal properties in US dollars!


1) Modern Penthouse in Villeray listed by Marie Champagne

This 2 floors penthouse in the hearth of Villeray could be confortable and cozy during the cold winters as well as fresh and sunny during the summers, with its huge terrace.

Price in US$: 529 426 $

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2) This Wooden Loft in Ville-Marie listed by Monique Assouline

For both mezzanine fetishists and mountain cottage lovers, this wooden loft in Ville-Marie is simply stunning.

Price in US$: 473 778$

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3) One Bedroom Condo in the Old Port listed by Yury Shupilov

Spacious, bricks and wood makes it a simple and sophisticated home.

Price in US$ : 446 111$



4) Renovated Church on the Plateau listed by Saguy Elbaz

This former church renovated a few years ago is very unique and special! The conversion gives room to very large areas.

Price in US$ : 586 988$

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5) Office / Home Loft in the Mile-End listed by Isabelle Naud

You’re looking for an amazing space in the coolest neighbour in Montréal?
You’re also working on your startup? This flat will combine both of your desires!

Price in US$ : 400 667$



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