Story by Jeff Lee & Miami correspondent Jamie Maniscalco

As soon as you step inside the cathedral lobby of the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, you must immediately acknowledge the massive scale and challenge of this project. Right there in front of you, there is a huge central glass tube that is propelling luxury cars 60 floors up in the air with absolutely no sound. A vision straight out of a sci-fi movie. We were met there by Eduardo Cofresi, Vice-President of Sales for Dezer Development. As we shook hands, a gold Rolex probably worth a year salary served as a reminder that after all, we had just stepped into the world of the ultra-riches.

“I’m not really supposed to tour the project with you” explained Mr. Cofresi. “We’re not officially open yet”.  That was simply music to my ears.

Towerelevator IMG_1026 the-unique-design-was-patented-by-dezer-development-it-created-a-nine-story-test-version-at-a-separate-site-in-chicago

It was very interesting at first, because we couldn’t help but notice dozens of employees buzzing around! Valets, lobby personnel, restaurant staff, spa & salon professionals and many others were all hitting their marks as sophisticated ballet. Building is empty but they seem to go through the motions! Pictured below, the lobby bar made of a single log imported from California.


“For a month, all personnel is rehearsing to ensure the experience is perfect once buyers move in.This is an ultra luxury service building and as such we provide a five star service experience. Our stellar concierge will get your every need taken care off. Need a dog groomer? Your car polished? No problem.” mentions Eduardo as we walk through the ultra modern Porsche designed gym equipment overlooking the infinite blue.

GymPool IMG_0980

The Unique Car Elevator

Seems like no idea is too grand or impossible for Dezer Development. The in-house team of engineers had to create the car elevator from scratch since it has never been done on that scale. To test their system, they had to build a 10 floors prototype in Chicago before they assemble the real thing in Miami. They branded it the “Dezervator” and the technology is patented by the builder. At any time, three cages go up and down, delivering cars from your unit to the street in less than 90 seconds. This also insures privacy for high profile individuals and their families.

If you want to learn more about Dezer Development, they showcase a pretty solid track record here.

“Every unit has space to park from 2 to 4 cars at the door while the PH can hold up to 11 cars to itself on the 56th floor” told us Eduardo. For a brief moment, I thought he was messing with us.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 3.09

The Dezervator prototype in Chicago


All duplexes have pools

The first unit we visited was a 16M$ duplex with a long balcony running by the ocean. Obviously units are delivered on the rough and ready for designers to craft luxury interiors. Renders were provided to showcase the flow and floor plans. Fully confidential, the outdoor space is complete with a pool that could fit 10 adults.
IMG_1013 IMG_1055

Meanwhile, back down inside the private restaurant, every resident owns a wine cellar inside a huge cellar wall publicly exposed to passerby, next to the dining hall. Waiters can then fetch your selection at any time during a meal or entertainment. I guess some dwellers will also use the scheme to showcase rare and exotic bottles to the tower community!


The 32.5M$ Penthouse

Where to start? The residence spreads over 4 floors with completely open mezzanines and infinite windows to gaze at the ocean. I have never seen anything like it. I think you could fit a blimp inside. The top floor is a mix of enclosed and outdoor space on two floors, wind walls, shaders and a big pool.


The size of the rooms are obviously immense. In the picture below, our Miami correspondent Jamie Maniscalco is standing in what will be the master bedroom. See renders for comparison.

IMG_1016 this-rendering-of-a-bedroom-in-one-of-the-units-shows-the-minimalist-design-and-endless-views

“For this project, we didn’t simply slap a Porsche logo on top through a licensing deal” stated Eduardo. “The Porsche Design Team was heavily involved in every aspects of the conception and the execution. One can expect the same great level of passion and craftsmanship that the luxury car brand is celebrated for.”

the-view-from-above-the-car-elevator-is-in-the-center-of-the-cylindrical-tower-the-rooftop-will-have-a-ton-of-amenities-for-residents theres-plenty-of-space-for-entertaining-on-its-private-rooftop

We would like to thanks Eduardo Cofresi for the exclusive access and Jamie Maniscalco, founder of Rose Relations, for facilitating this magic encounter. For more info about the remaining inventory, contact us and we will make the proper introduction to our personal contact on the ground.


Jamie Maniscalco, Eduardo Cofresi & Jeff Lee on the roof deck.


The tower a year ago during its construction.



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