The studio founded by three young architects in Montreal has seen their recent projects featured in world class architecture and design publications. Their open, aligned and full of light signature approach captures the imagination and makes you wonder what’s gonna be inside every home they touch. They use durable and affordable materials to create beautifully finished contemporary houses where they overlook every little details until the completion of their masterpieces.

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Today we take you inside La Maison Louis-Hébert in Villeray, a fully transformed bungalow where the young family of owners gave La SHED a lot of room to create. The team loves to tackle every new mandate in a collective effort, bringing a lot of ideas on the table and then pick and choose the best ones to develop their concept.

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The main feature in this house is obviously the central staircase which connects all levels. It creates a sense of vastness and the whole place is literally soaked in natural light. The glass railing around it is discrete and blends magically to allow more light to pour in. Black painted wood, steel and maple are also the other main components in this minimalistic and open built.

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The studio also made sure the bungalow is much more integrated with its environment. Simply look at how the inside and the outside merge perfectly to expand the living space to the backyard and vice-versa.

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La SHED wants residential architecture to become something more approachable for everyone who simply has the desire to live in a simple and neat environment. Most of their projects are single-family homes that could be your neighbour! They believe that good taste is within the reach of everyone. To discover more of their recent projects, visit their official website.

Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

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