About our correspondent: Olivier Pouliot is a commercial broker at Avison Young, primarily oriented towards office rental. He enjoys exploring the different “homes” of the workers and follows the new trends in design. The well-being goes through comfort, and all this is created by taking the time to choose the right place and the ideal way to arrange it.

My arrival at OVH was underlined by the warm and comforting smell of wood. The third largest hosting company in the world recently inaugurated a R&D facility in Québec City and I was lucky enough to get a private tour. Inhaling this wooden smell was my fist step into this zen calming experience.

Atelier Pierre Thibault, the architecture firm who did the project, managed to concile through his brilliant concept, nature, human race and technology.

Plants, plants and more plants

The abundance of plants, the presence of the adirondack armchairs and the clarity of the various elements furnishing the place are easily observed. The organic integration of everything is what makes this workplace so peaceful and zen.

Let’s go and grab something in the kitchen

In addition, the main idea when creating the space, was to give employees the chance to work in versatile locations. Therefore, there are more “cozy” sections and floating stations allowing staff to use their laptop and go work wherever they want to go.

The kitchen, also used as the reception room, allows receiving collaborators from the industry, clients and colleagues. All of this makes you want to get together, don’t you think?

Glass, wood and light

Finally, everything has been thought in order to avoid obstructing the views. No wall was erected between the north and south sides, even the walled offices are cubes that can be moved from one section to another if need be.

We’d like to thanks the HR team at OVH for the lovely tour! For job inquiries and more info, visit the company official website.