About our correspondent: Olivier Pouliot is a commercial broker at Avison Young, primarily oriented towards office rental. He enjoys exploring the different “homes” of the workers and follows the new trends in design. The well-being goes through comfort, and all this is created by taking the time to choose the right place and the ideal way to arrange it.

Innergex is a company which specializes in renewable energy solutions. The company needed more space at its headquarters and a decision was made not only to move, but also to change the type of office configuration to facilitate communications day to day.

Changing the work dynamic is not an easy task, which is why Innergex reached out to Guylaine Breault and Valérie Coutu at A2 Design. Throughout the process, it was necessary not only to manage the plans of the new space and its construction, but also to address the employees’ concerns with respect to this change.

It is therefore from a very traditional corporate office, with many dividing walls and individual spaces that Innergex has moved to a substantially more open space. The most positive aspect of this decision is the ease and promotion of communication between employees.

The aspect that was taken into consideration in the first place was to increase access to natural light and windows. Management offices, apart from senior management which is in a separate section, are located in a central island with glass frontal bulkheads from ceiling to floor. The employees’ work stations, however, are all located along the windows.

We also note that the dining room is very inviting, with a magnificent view.

“We wanted to make the people at Innergex happy to start their day at the office and stimulate their presence by inviting them to use the workplace for occasional leisure as shown with the hockey table, to promote informal contact between colleagues.”

Some spaces directly bonded to the windows were created if employees want to leave their work stations and want some change in their environment, as well as very comfortable and encapsulating (red) chairs, and finally separate rooms with soundproof glass walls to allow the employees to make personal or professional calls.

“When optimizing the use of space, care was also taken to leave room for future growth.”

Teamwork is very important, which is why several boardrooms are available and where all the necessary equipment is provided in order to work.

One of the most inviting spaces is the main conference room. With its magnificent view of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the downtown area and Old Montreal, this inviting venue featuring an adjoining caterer’s kitchen allows visitors to feel the Innergex DNA by gathering around a custom-  table made of a glass top set above the built-in tip of a wind turbine blade.

For more info about careers at Innergex, visit the official website!