This story is part of our San Juan Del Sur Vacation Special in Nicaragua.

After 10 minutes of climbing up and up some dirt roads in a pick up truck through the mountains surrounding San Juan Del Sur, my local guides John Mike and Jessica of Espadon were setting me up for a surprise.

Perfectly nestled on top of the jungle mountains stands the TreeCasa Resort: The perfect canopy escape.


The story goes that the developer of the breathtaking endeavour first discovered twin giant Ceiba trees while exploring the El Encanto jungle.

That later became the center of the resort. The trees now house the fantastic 3-level tree lounge at the heart of TreeCasa.


At the foot of these giant trees, the surrounding area is the perfect adult playground to spend an afternoon, complete with a full kitchen & bar, a yoga pad, a waterfall jumping platform and a magic waterslide. We obviously tested the amenities in full swing with the help of our friend Benoit Giroux, currently on site to overview the mountain biking trail building.



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The crown jewel of the resort is this giant treehouse, perched some 50 feet up. We had to go up for a visit!


John Mike, chef at Espadon and Jeff Lee, editor and broker.

The expansive first level opens into a large living area, kitchenette, full bath with outdoor shower and a wraparound deck. The second level features a master bedroom suite with a double outdoor shower and upper balcony.


See this video for the interiors.



The Canopy Suites are also an amazing option to stay. They sprawl up and around the compound, some perched on the hills while others are built on tree branches.

All these private suites connect to the main building amenities through a network of passerelles and wood paths. Think of a perfect Ewok village.


This is I would say, the most “luxurious & comfy” resort we got to visit and test in the area. We would strongly recommend it if you are traveling with a small group or young children because it provides all the security and comfort without taking away too much of the adventure.


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