Asking Price: $1,895,000

The house home staging also features well designed items by Gauthier Studio, boutique Jamais Assez as well as custom pieces created by design company MPGMB.

Ever since the makers & affluent locals started migrating up across the Mile-End underpass a couple of years ago to create relevant venues, cafés and offices, the Villeray lifestyle area never stopped to improve. Now the artists and hipsters see a flock of young families joining them in this vibrant and mixed neighborhood. You can’t stop the cycle!

Today the sector around rue Castelnau is living its best life and this flawless single family cottage on Henri-Julien street is just perfect to welcome future family plans.

Built to be ultra-functional and bring together your tribe members, the open areas and the cozy backyard are designed with taste and full of light, while the numerous bedrooms will provide calm and intimacy.


Vase and pattern designed by MPGMB that is featured in framed pictured by Maxime Brouillet in the hall below.

Bedrooms: 5+2 bedrooms
Bathrooms: 2+1 bathrooms/powder rooms

Listed by Jeff Lee and Marie-Claude Bergeron

Source: Centris #