Editor’s note: This story was originally published on January 4th 2016 and is now part of our classic series!

“Hey wait, we know these streets!”

That was us, cruising around and looking for the Onyx on the Bay tower. JP Shoiry, co-founder of the advertising agency Republik and I remember spending Art Basel together, literally two blocks up, in blooming Wynwood. This area by the bay is called Edgewater and is also steps away from the luxury shopping experience of the Miami Design District.


Broker Tony Rodriguez of Prestige Realty Group was suited up and waiting for us:

“When this project was built in 2007, I was the VP of sales and managed to find buyers for some 115 units. Now that I have my own brokerage firm, I just listed this last remaining unit. I know everyone in this tower” tells us Tony with a little bit of sunshine in his voice.

IMG_1055 IMG_1022 IMG_6558

This will remain a classic TOWER TRIP story. Pristine unit, epic views, perfect blue sky with almost edible clouds. Notice how the white epoxy floors mirror the skies. It felt like flying. Let’s take a moment.


“Minutes before you arrived, I could see a young Manatee and its mom right there, in the water below”. It’s true, I saw the video later on his Facebook page. “And look at this small island. Locals can jet ski across the bay and enjoy a private beach.”

That DJ Khaled lifestyle.

IMG_0959 IMG_0966

“One great feature about this unit is that since you own the whole side of the building, you get both sunrises and sunsets. And what’s interesting about these floor-to-ceiling windows is that they actually open”.

IMG_0925 IMG_0944 IMG_6597 IMG_0967

On the terrace, a spiral staircase then takes us on the rooftop!

“Omg, there so much potential up here!” bursts JP. “I would build a deck over here with a tiki bar over there next to the jacuzzi. We could also commission artists to paint a mural on the building’s back wall.”



Tony was very savvy of the area and seemed very relaxed:

“Edgewater is great because you are right in the middle of it all at half the price per sq/ft you will find in South Beach. After all it’s Miami, there no rush. After you guys, I’m returning home by the pool to answer some emails.”

For more info about this listing, please contact Prestige Realty Group.

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