When I was invited to visit this beautiful property in West Vancouver, I didn’t really know what to expect. The funny thing about North and West Vancouver is that you know that’s where all the wealthy people live, yet from a distance it kinda just blends in nature beautifully and untouched.


I live in Kitsilano, just across the bay, in a slightly upscale neighbourhood full of hippies, yogis, organic food, and beautiful girls riding bikes. When I’m having drinks with my friends on Kits Beach, I can look and wonder about how life could be on the other side.


Driving to West Van is pretty neat. From downtown Vancouver, you head to Stanley Park, onto Lions Gate Bridge (where you get the most amazing view of Vancouver Harbour and Canada Place), then when you get onto the North shore, you basically drive up, until you reach West Vancouver, or like me, until your Westfalia’s engine overheats and you need to pull over and wait for it to cool down a little to keep climbing!

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West Vancouver real estate agent Aimee Middleton from Angell Hasman & Associates Realty was waiting for me at the house. She was indeed the most wonderful tour guide I could’ve hoped for! We shook hands and then she allowed me to park my noisy Westfalia next to the Range Rover and convertible Jaguar in the property’s impressive driveway.

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This house is filled with treasures.
The more time I spent listening to Aimee and learned about the stories behind the art around me, the more I realized how awesome this place is. Like inside a museum, the more you learn, the more you are captivated.

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Custom liquor cabinets, long piano, indoor pool, amazing floors and ceilings, gigantic washroom, exotic pool, delightful guesthouse. This place has it all. More importantly, everything about this place is truly unique. Handmade faucet knobs, handmade tiles imported from Japan, custom walk-in shower below floor level, dolphins spitting water in the pool, vintage features in a modern kitchen.

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Every little detail about this property made me smile and go: ‘Really?

As I was born in the eighties, I have limited culture about the 1960s and 1970s. Yet for some reason, this house immediately struck me as the best place on earth to have a cocktail party if I had been living my thirties in the Mad Men years. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Party (one of Peter Sellers’ best improv performances ever), this place is quite similar, in terms of vibe, amenities, and lounging facilities.


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It is when you start walking outside in the magically landscaped 20,037 sq/ft Japanese garden that you realize how the original owner was a very meticulous and perfectionist artist. The garden also offers city views and a look down on the prestigious Eyremount Dr. and its British Properties.

Here in Vancouver, wise people plant flowers and trees in sequences.

“When one flower stops blooming, the one next to it starts blooming in turn, keeping the whole garden permanently illuminated with magnificent flowers in a wide range of colours and species” explained Aimee.

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There is also a little creek that runs next to the house. Aimee mentioned that special rocks were placed at certain places in the stream in order to play an enchanting sound, adding some sort of a serene ambiance to the whole garden.

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My favorite perks
The hidden liquor cabinet that would allow you to party whenever you feel is necessary,Seamlessly displaying proper gentleman manners and hospitality. The huge bathroom with a bath tub setup that would make you spend weeks in the bath watching Netflix on your iPad. And of course, the indoor pool whenever you need a moment to freshen up your day and have one of those Scarface moments.

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I would like to personally thank Aimee for her time and the great stories we shared. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible piece of property or maybe see more pictures, please visit her official website.

Additional pictures provided by Luxury West Vancouver Homes.

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Vincent Malo
Correspondent – Vancouver
Vincent is an Account Supervisor in a top advertising firm in Vancouver. Also a competitive cyclist, he enjoys riding his bike along the West Vancouver scenic roads to explore gorgeous properties with local brokers.