Last time we visited Les Bassins du Havre in Griffintown was at the height of summer, during a Friends & family rooftop cocktail. I was therefore very glad to come back and see the fast evolution of the project and area. David Deschênes, marketing director for developer Prével was waiting for us on a Monet’s vanilla sky backdrop.


“I’m about to show you the last remaining penthouse available for immediate occupancy. Next top floor units will be delivered as part of phase Pier 2B, which construction is beginning as we speak.”



Les Bassins du Havre is a very special project by Prével and Rachel-Julien. It is built right on what some consider “the right side” of the Canal Lachine and surrounded by a signature body of water. Stepping outside on a ground floor unit patio feels like standing on a wooden dock.

BDH - Bassins - Q1-2

“It requires a little imagination to picture the full scale and beauty of this fast growing area once completed. But simply look at how we are steps away from the canal amenities and how serene it feels, even that close from the city.”

Of course real estate is all about picturing that vision before it actually happens.


This penthouse has large outdoor spaces facing the canal with direct access to the rooftop pool and amenities.

On the lower level you’ll find the spacious living and dining area with a lot of room to cook and entertain guests while upstairs, the master suite and master bathroom provide intimacy, apart from the second bedroom and bath on the main floor.

IMG_0476 IMG_0463 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

Over the last 40 years, Prével has delivered more that 10 000 units. It is thus safe to expect a high standard of quality finishes and optimized floor plans, with well thought amenities and common spaces.

For more information about this unit in particular or the upcoming phase, please contact Prével directly.

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