We recently visited the young and energetic developers at their offices on the Plateau Mont-Royal. The typical Saint-Joseph commercial / residential house was busy with staff moving around with plans, phone calls and paperwork. It is because the company recently took on so big endeavours in the 450, beginning the works on two different  60+ townhouses developments in Terrebonne and Saint-Bruno. We’ll get to that later.

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Boutique projects in beloved areas

The company gained a good reputation by delivering efficient and slick residential projects like The Alma and the St-Zotique in Rosemont. These 6 units projects are interesting because they bring a modern twist to the usual multi-residential units we see everywhere in the area.

“This is how we picture the Montréal of the next 20-30 years” explains Guillaume Dupin. “Buildings that are easy on the eye and very optimized in term of habitable surface”.

This no-nonsense or extravaganza approach to architecture and design allows for very competitive pricing and a high-quality products.


Le Saint-Zotique in Rosemont


Le Saint-Zotique in Rosemont


The Alma in Rosemont


Two Townhouses developments in Terrebonne and Saint-Bruno

With MDV3 in Terrebonne and Parc des Tilleuls in Saint-Bruno, Dupin+Després aims at creating green and comfortable hubs. A small village within a town, as the developers explained. Townhouses are also well in demand, as some homeowners are looking to downsize while new buyers are considering ownership with limited maintenance.


Le Parc des Tilleuls in Terrebonne



Le Parc des Tilleuls in Terrebonne

“We tried to envision not only the constructed living areas, but the overall development as a whole. From the low-circulation plan to the adapting street lighting, everything is thought to maximize comfort and disconnection from work environments or the city” tells us Guillaume.

Again I believe that what makes Dupin+Després successful is that they listen carefully to what the market demands and answer it with down to earth solutions and practical ideas.

To learn more about their projects, visit dupindespres.com.

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MDV3 in Saint-Bruno

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MDV3 in Saint-Bruno

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