Seems like every new penthouse story we make has the best view so far and again, do we have a new winner? If you know where we could sneak in next, let me know!


This week we follow realtor Kevin Perreault to the Solano project in Old Montreal, where he recently secured this 649 000$ listing. As you witness as soon as you step in, it’s a corner unit ruling over the Saint-Laurent and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

IMG_5002 IMG_4961

Almost floors to ceilings windows. And since the unit is on the unobstructed side of the building, you don’t feel like living in a glass house at all. In fact, you feel more like a meteorologist camped in a remote station, living with the elements.

IMG_4989 IMG_4953

Kevin could tell you more about the specs of this unit, we’re just sneaking in for the view. Solano Phase 5 is currently available for immediate occupancy as for Phase 6, it just went on the market.

IMG_4982 IMG_4963 IMG_4929

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