Story by Jeff Lee
Additional pictures by JF Grégoire

Ideas and opportunities, isn’t it what real estate is all about?

Among the interesting mix of industrial buildings, minimalistic architect’s cottages and inviting back alleys of the Mile-Ex, stands a low-key building with big potential. For this exploration, I invited director and photographer Jimmi Francoeur (portfolio) to pick his brain a little about what could be done with this space.

Maybe a studio?

“It was a huge surprise for me when we got inside. From the exterior, the building doesn’t look that big” recounts Francoeur.

“So let’s say we transform this place into a photo / video studio. The first floor would have an easy access with its garage door and the big window at the back are good for lighting. No elevator required is nice. Also it is super easy for the team and the prop people to get in and out” explained Jimmi.

The listing  broker Philippe Soucy arrived on his bike and joined us for our little brainstorm. He then introduced us to the owners and the living quarters upstairs. Of course, he is one of the special ones.

“The current owners are in the cinema costume business. Over the garage they built an atelier that connects with downstairs” explained the broker.

From the window, the neighboring building is slowly disappearing under thick foliage.

One more flight of stairs and you enter what I could describe as a huge open space. Bright and wide, complete with skylights, a chef’s kitchen and custom built cabinetry.

“The interesting part is that you could easily having a huge place to work and huge place to live. Most of the time, it is on or the other. I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable bringing clients here” said Jimmi as we walk towards the outside space.

Once outside, the show is not yet over. One more flight of stairs up and you access the rooftop terrace, overlooking the Mile-Ex and some of Little-Italy’s landmarks.

It is hard for me to say what makes the sell. Is it the open space? The creative possibilities of the garage? Or maybe the magic rooftop? One thing is certain thought: this building has potential. It is currently asking for 1.2M$ and all the additional info can be found on the official listing page. Thanks to real estate agent Philippe Soucy for his time.

To learn more about Jimmi Francoeur’s work, visit here.

Jeff Lee
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