Promoted Listing: This is a story of passion and resilience by David Shirazi Rad of PSR Brokerage in Toronto.

“For about a year, I have been stopping by the construction site of 186 York Mills to chat with the developer and advise him on his product and market” explained listing broker David Shirazi Rad on the phone.

“I’ve been there almost every week and gave my honest opinion about the project without any promise I would get the mandate. I just showed up!”


186 York Mills Road is part of an exclusive three house collection developed by AB8 Group. After creating many luxury penthouses and larger scale projects in the downtown core, the developer decided it was time to create what some call, a legacy project.

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These three houses obviously stand out and make a statement when driving by.

“Some might want to buy a nice watch or an expensive car to showcase their success. This is the next step. A true statement of both taste and sophistication” tells us David.


A timeless approach

AB8 Group carefully picked materials and finishes that they believe will age properly. This “non-disposable” approach allows for a more durable choice of investment and a peace of mind when it comes to renovation.

“I don’t see the point of buying a new house if you have to renovate every three years”.

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This first house of the collection is offered at 4.5M$ and is located in the affluent neighborhood of York Mills, 20 minutes north of downtown Toronto. For more information, visit the official website or contact David Shirazi Rad and his team directly.


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