The lavish condo project inspired by Philippe Starck is being sold to investors right now with a delivery scheduled for 2016. The 20 stories high-rise building is also referred as a vertical village by YOO property developer John Hitchcox.  Renderings available on the website are impressive and bold, promising to bring a touch of class in the iconic working class Griffintown neighbourhood. Starck designs juxtapose modern with classic, satire with passion and shape with form to create extraordinary living experiences.

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Yoo Montreal’s furnishings will provide a place to dwell and play. A luxuriously designed pool, spa, exterior lounges with fireplaces, a fitness centre for healthy design-led living. The ground floor restaurant will also provide room service so it feels much more like an boutique hotel than a residential complex.

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Starting at $350,000, you can get 700 square feet of space. For $6 million, the penthouse with 6,000 square feet. Located on the corner of Young and Ottawa Sts. the building is being erected in hip Griffintown, on what the developers are expecting will be a cultural corridor. (source : The Gazette)

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Find more about the other YOO Projects all over the world here or visit the Montreal YOO website for all amenities and sales informations.

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