Ever wonder what it feels like to be perched a hundred stories high in these construction cranes? Well a guy named Étienne under the instagram account @Mtl_crane is sharing epic views from his cabin everytime he goes up! I had a couple of serious questions for him.

Is there a lot of a people doing like you?
There is 1400 certified crane operators in the Québec Province, with some more graduating every year. To do this job, you have to go through a DEP for crane operation.

How long can you stay up in your crane?
Depends if the day is busy or not. But usually it can range from 4 hours to 13 (or more) if needed.

Does it get cold up there, especially right now?
Crane cabs are heated, otherwise nobody would want to work in winter!

What are the main challenges you face everyday?
Strong winds are always challenging, especially when assembling high structures. Dealing with different people and set of commands everyday is too lol!

What are you building right now?
I’m erecting a ventilation tower for a STM metro station downtown Montreal.

What do you like the most about your work?
Working on a tower crane, sitting up in the air at 250feet and more, with an amazing view of downtown montreal. My ultimate favorite!

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