Brickell seemed even more slick and crispy clean from what I remembered of last year, when we first met with Jamie Maniscalco for a tour of the Miami Financial District. Cranes are everywhere, glass & steel towers keep rising up and a bustling restaurant scene are all fuelled by the international elite’s influx of capital. Even though it was 30C outside, we felt very fresh, walking in the shade provided by the high-rises all around.


For this tour of the brand new SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, I brought my good friend JP Thibault, lead front-end developer at Frank & Oak who like me, is a child at heart and was very anxious to rise!

IMG_0495 copy

Our Miami correspondent Jamie Maniscalco of Rose Relations introduced us to Alvin Catalan, Director of events for SLS Brickell, both a luxury hotel and residences. Everything you will glance at comes from the intricate minds of Philippe Starck and his team.


“During the design process, Starck’s team scattered french written notebooks everywhere on the floors, countertops and benches filled with instructions for the different craftsmen taking turns on the project. You wouldn’t dare touch the notes!” laughed Alvin.


Carpets, tilings and wallpaper patterns are all exclusive designs for the SLS brand and massive artwork and curious elements inhabit the common areas.


“Just look at this natural dripping paint job, it was all performed with the spout of empty ketchup bottles. A very interesting but laborious endeavour,” pointed out our guide.

IMG_1729 SLSMeeting

Global travellers and residences dwellers both share the mid-level pool deck, which extends as far as the eye can see. Residents however own private amenities such as this rugged safari inspired club house called The Party Room, complete with bar & games and annexed to a very modern gym.


Notice the complex mix of patterns, dear to the designer’s extravagant style.

IMG_0552 SLS-Pool

As we move to higher grounds, we asked Alvin about the sales rollout for the luxury residences…

“Oh, it’s almost sold out. Most units are already delivered on the rough, or as we say “designer-ready”. We have a few penthouses remaining, one of which I’m about to show you right now.” *Elevator doors closing.

IMG_0643 SLShorizon

The four PHs on the top floor share a private (giant) pool that seems to float on a cloud. Views stretch to Fisher Island, the downtown core and Key Biscayne. It was just insane.

IMG_1774 SLStoppool IMG_0610

Let’s take a short moment to appreciate how privileged we were to be granted a personal tour by Alvin Catalan and Jamie Maniscalco. We live for this stuff.

IMG_0705 IMG_0629

About the remaining units
Last units available range from 1,8M$ to 2,3M$. If you would like to know more about this opportunity, contact us and we will be happy to introduce you directly to our personal contact at sales.




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