Pictures by Frédérique Gravier.
Additional images by RE/MAX Québec Inc.

You may have heard about this secret spot on Poitevin street, one corner north from Avenue Mont-Royal. Recently listed on Remax’s properties, we had the chance to get inside and visit this amazing (and huge) semi-detached cottage; thanks to Équipe Bardagi and the owner Robert Berthelot.


Before getting real deep, let’s talk about the location. To me, the neighbourhood would be enough to convince me to visit this spot in the first place (if I could actually afford it, which is not the case… yet). Halfway between a back-alley and a street, it’s the quietest place I’ve ever seen in the area. It’s more-than-well located, in the heart of The Plateau, close to many boutiques, restaurants and parks. Rare are the cars, which allow many children to fill the street.


Once an industrial district, a nice mix of original façades and renovated blocks lined Poitevin street.


When we entered – with the excitement of not knowing what was coming – we were faced with a modest entrance, a straight staircase and a few doors. Couple of steps later, you are confronted to a whole other portrait: a very wide space, mostly white and industrial, with high coffered ceilings and windows worthy of the most outstanding lofts.

poitevin towertrip 3


Using the old sale’s office work compartment, the two rooms are set on either side of the house. An another heritage from the past are the stunning glass walls. Footed on wood beams with their sliding doors, it bring us back straight to the industrial era.




The kitchen is really neat with its marble island and all-white cabinets. This particular space is really bright thanks to the two large skylights offering an incredible natural light.




Offset from the main area, we can’t help but notice the helical staircase. Recognizable from our Montreal’s landscape this piece of art is a recent addition to the house, giving access to the rooftop.

Raised to the top, you can find a nice terrace waiting to be furnished. On one side you can admire the Mount Royal, on the other you have a privileged view on the neighborhood’s upgrowth.  



The last but not the least, we concluded our visit with the ground floor. With its concrete floor and almost the same superficy than the first floor (1600 foot square) this blank canva is just waiting to be painted. Possibilities are endless with a space that wide, it could be turned into additional living area, an artist workshop, or simply be used as a garage with its four parking spots.


poitevin tower 24



Despite its strong industrial heritage, this house gives you the chance to make it your own and write a part of its history for no less than 995 000$. Thanks again to realtors Caroline and Pierre from Remax’s Équipe Bardagi for making this venture possible. For more information on this listing, visit their website right here.

Michèle Beauchamp-Roy
Montreal Correspondent
Michèle is a young designer with a prominent fashion background. That challenges the way she does things design-wise but mostly the way she looks at it. For her, the design has to be well-thought and useful to be beautiful. The thing that fascinates her the most is how natural light, a single piece of artwork or a subtle texture on a wall can define a space. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes less is also not enough.