Additional 3D renders: Stefano Giacomello

With the rising of different needs and offers in the travel & stay sector, new Montreal Boxotel hopes to attract the new generation of travellers who usually ditch the whole hotel concept for alternate means (read AirB&B).

Boxotel2 Boxotel1

Created by Marie-Jeanne Rivard, host of the TV show Flip de Fille, the 20 rooms building is designed to serve the double purpose of staying and working.  Yes the rooms are easily modulable in order to switch the function of the rooms to a workshop environnement. Small businesses, startups and creative companies can hence rent a room to host a off-site session or accommodate foreign talent for a couple of days. Something that companies started to trust Montreal startup Breather for.

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Objects and furniture were also curated from Montréal / Québec creators such as Bigarade, Couper croisé, Christian Savard Ébéniste, Matelas princesse, Cocooning Love, Luminaire AM-PM, les Boisseliers, Daniel Raiche graphiste, Néon Family et Sauna concept.

Boxotel also has a ground floor café, a rooftop spa and an Art Gallery for mix use and events! For more details and information about Boxotel, visit the official website.

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