Waverly Residence by Mu Architecture is located just south of Jean-Talon Street in Alexandra-Marconi district is the result of the idea of creating a very modern living place for wealthy clients in this up and coming neighborhood. Alexandra-Marconi is a landlocked district between the Canadian Pacific Railway in the west, The Little Italy to the east, south of Beaubien Street and Jean-Talon Street to the north; A mysterious district that has in recent years, experienced a notorious gentrification.

The project started with a duplex, almost all of the existing structure was entirely rebuilt. A dozen feet on two floors were added to the rear of the old building. Moreover, excavating the basement, the residence finally went from 1500 to 3000sq.ft. On the same lot, facing south-west, a large courtyard was added to enjoy the sun.

Once the threshold is crossed, the lobby extends across the entire width of the building. Ahead, a wall filled with full height doors. These give access to a deep enough storage for strollers or sports equipment to the left and to the right to a locker room. On both ends, a corridor leaves a choice to go left or right to access the rest of the residence. These arrangements are part of a large volume comprising also, the stairs and the kitchen towards the back of the residence. In fact, the stairs act as a cut through this volume all the way to the roof. A large skylight, same width as the stairwell allows light to flood the center of the house. Two large cubes dictate the configuration of the space. True to their philosophy,

MU Architecture wanted to design an architecture that confronts, destabilizes and fascinates.
The wooden steps, inserted between the two parallel walls without silt, seem to levitate. The shadow line formed by light above accentuates this effect. A large window closes the large opening to the kitchen, allowing it to also benefit from the presence of skylights. This same transparent wall creates a surprising illusion that the landing of the staircase is the extension of the kitchen counter. In the living room, the monumental fireplace covered with raw steel panels divides the space into two areas. Large sliding windows fill the back wall with an opening to the terrace in the courtyard. All the rooms on the ground floor are generously filled with unobtrusive natural light that accentuates the theatrical effect of the place.

Pictures by Julien Perron-Gagné et v2com.

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