This story was not originally part of my itinerary but after two weeks reporting in the urban jungle of Vancouver, we boarded the Horseshoe Bay ferry to Vancouver Island. We then drove all the way across this rock to the other side, where we spent a couple of days in the little fishermen town of Ucluelet (locals say Ukee).


Kept in the shadow of her notorious bigger sister Tofino (40 km north-west), the picturesque village has all the charms of a local fishing community surrounded by pristine beaches and cliff views, without the big tourist traffic of the latter.

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I was so enveloped by the beauty of this area that I simply took a chance and reached out to Judy Gray, a local Remax agent. She gladly accepted to show us around the next day! “Since I knew you were coming, I didn’t wear my usual flip flops!” jokes Judy as I enter her office which has a view on the marina and fishing docks. Every day, sea lions come to feed when fishermen clean their catches.

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“It is important for my team and I to sell the Ukee lifestyle. This place is a little paradise. I first came here many years ago and decided to swallow the key and never leave!”


The whole village is encircled by the Wild Pacific Trail, majestic for hiking and sometimes spot wildlife such as deers and bears. The Barkley Sound is also on the list of the best 10 places to dive in America. This video produced by Judy just really tells it all.  

When we finally arrived to this private residence blending with the coast, Judy was pointing at something at the treetops: “Look, eagles nest up there!” Bald eagles are seen everywhere around Ukee. This is place is wild. See this other video for aerial view of the property.

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The house is perched directly on the edge of the cliff, with a direct access to a private lagoon below, where lost logs come to strand on the beach.

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“Today is calm, but in the winter, the crashing waves can become huge and entertaining” says Judy with pictures to prove it.

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Every room of this house is so relaxing. Numerous skylights and tall windows provide natural light and infinite views on the sea below. Actual owners see it as a vacation home, but I would really don’t mind living up there year long. Thanks to Judy Gray for this amazing local tour and precious time. For more information, please visit her website.  


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