Story & pictures by Frederique Gravier and Michèle Beauchamp-Roy.

Landed in their new work spaces last spring, Urbania Magazine and mother agency TOXA are now more than settled down on their new floor in the Plateau Mont-Royal. We used this occasion to ask Fanny Brossard, Urbania magazine’s coordinator and courageous relocation organizer, to take us on a tour in their new office space and meet with their lovely team.

outside - 1

Crossing an unusual park filled with metal chairs of all sorts, a creation of landscape designer Michel Goulet, we enter in what seems to be a former primary school.

entree - 1

We cannot go wrong here, the office is very well indicated by a massive neon sign! Do not worry, you don’t have to beware of the dog.

As we enter, we are immersed in a fully open-air space filled with natural light, plants and exquisite furniture. In order to make the most of the natural light, the workplace layout is completely configured around the two large conference rooms which helps divide the space. On one side there are the directors and editors and on the other the creatives and coordinators.

The fun part is that the open-air space allows employees to work collectively, have a private meeting, or work solo thanks to the varying sizes and privacy levels of the spaces. 

fauteuil - 1 tapis - 1 kitchen - 2 conference - 1 deco - 2 deco - 1 bibli - 1

The different style and color furniture along with the spontaneous accessories that we find around the office adds a fun vibe and brings color to the white space. The use of natural wood throughout the space unifies the whole office beautifully and creates a soothing effect.

kitchens kitchen - 1

Compact but efficient, the kitchen is not what stands out the most. Still, if you pay a little attention, some of its details are absolutely charming.

Just along the window, the lunch bar (surrounded by Pouchard’s famous H stools )  benefits from an amazing late afternoon light. Once again, the wood, the white, and the industrial lightings are everywhere. The tiles chevron and hexagonal flooring add texture to the space and help define clear boundaries between areas without closing them down.

workspace - 1 truss - 1

Not only the exposed trusses gives character to the space, they are also used to hang plants adding life to the office.

table - 2 danish mid-century chair - 2

The overall design of the space was created by Anne-Marie Saucier and F&Y Design did a wonderful job designing the work stations and the conference room tables. Made from raw materials, steel and plywood, we really enjoy the simple lines and the detail in the layering. As for the mid-century danish chairs, they’re from Pink&Brown, who partnered with Urbania to embellish the space. 

hats - 1

Quite alike its young and audacious team, Urbania’s office is a mix between a really professional workplace and an organized mess, punctuated by awesome furniture and a lot of plants.

Thanks to Fanny for the visit and see you on hat friday guys!

Frédérique Gravier
Architecture & Design
Frédérique is a recent architecture graduate from McGill University. She’s interested in the story, the people and their thinking behind the aesthetics of places she explore.