We’ve been following Martin Lavoie for a while now. The young broker at The Londono Realty Group recently decided to take on a new challenge: convert a spacious loft in the South-ouest of Montreal.

“Many young professionals are buying due the very reasonable price per s.f. of the area and the possibility to convert a Duplex or Triplex into a family house or simply get larger condo / loft which could cost a lot more for the same in other areas of Grand Montreal.”

Martin tells us that the driving force behind this project was simple: they wanted the freedom to create the space their way. From milled their own mouldings, creating some of the artwork themselves and have the final say on everything that goes in.

“It’s important to us that our work remains timeless. We like to use certain materials that age well and mature over years, that what gives life to a home. Wood, marble workstations need to be used for actual work and get scratched, raw brass will slowly oxidize and beautiful patinas will slowly appear with age. “

Most of the info is online now, if you see a certain moulding somewhere in a home while traveling, you can easily find all the crafting steps and materials on the web. Overall, the whole project took Martin Lavoie and his renovation partners at Gauley Brothers about 2 months, but he’s been teasing us about it way before that!

For more information about this property just put on the market, visit the official listing page.

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