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To submit her story to our Montreal Makers Series, An Tran produced a custom made video just for the occasion, inviting us to discover her Youtube channel MTL Food Snob. In her videos, Miss Tran provides witty and funny table etiquette tips, while suggesting new places and meals to try in the Montreal area. With so much good energy to share, we had to meet her in the flesh!


Our rendez-vous point was the newly opened Le Nozy, a Japanese restaurant in the South-West of the city. Of course, it was the next brunch spot on her bucket list and I agreed to test their amazingly presented dishes with her.

IMG_0205 IMG_0208

“It all started as a blog when I was studying in London for a semester. At this time, it seemed like the only thing that mattered to my parents and friends was how I was feeding myself! Typical. Therefore, I started to publish pictures and comments of my daily meals online”, explains An between two bites of her salmon sashimi trilogy.

She was very agitated, witty and articulated for a Saturday morning! I immediately noticed how her face can deliver so much different quick expressions and reactions, when telling a story. I guess that’s just the perfect gift to be entertaining on camera!


“My concept of MTL Food Snob is kind of ironic, since I really don’t take myself too seriously. I simply try to bring new angles to food stories. My most recent video is about the Best gluten-free restaurants and meals. For this shoot, I invited a bunch of American tourists and a gluten intolerant friend to crawl these places with me and we had a blast!”

We then grabbed coffee at another of her favorite venues on Notre-Dame Ouest: Buck 15 Espresso Bar, where an interesting crowd was waiting for us!

IMG_0246 IMG_0242

“I think self-deprecation is a good way to show self-confidence. My videos don’t cumulate millions of views (yet) but the people who follow me are the good people. They can appreciate my genuine approach and the effort I put in the production process. Up to now, I only got one hater comment on my channel!” jokes An while entering a forest of Christmas trees.


The media ecosystem is exploding with new specialized platforms such as Tastemade and their growing distribution on alternative channels like Apple TV (and many others). We currently witness a lot of these youtubers being picked up by these new entertainment companies.

Until her time comes, An Tran aka MTL Food Snob will keep on looking for the perfect recipe!



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