When I woke up early on the first morning of my Vancouver Mission and stepped outside of contributor Vincent Malo’s house in Kitsilano, I was immediately enchanted by the magic and majestic flora surrounding me. This whole city is a garden blooming right in front of my eyes and I sensed that these dwellers found some kind of perfect balance with mother nature. I could also smell the ocean’s salty breeze just a few blocks down, as I walked towards West 4th & Yew Street to treat myself to a cold brew. Life is a beach.

I’m here to produce a series of real estate stories, thanks to local brokers and developers who accepted to open their hearts and doors for us. You will see these articles and explorations unravel over the next weeks alongside our regular content from Montreal and Toronto. Again, I cannot emphasis enough about the fact that I’m completely mesmerized about how every neighbourhood here is a little island of vibes and mood, connected by pristine cycle paths and efficient infrastructures.

Only really good and chill vibes so far as I move between private showings and photoshoots of amazing penthouses, townhouses, new condo projects and  developers offices. You can follow my personal Instagram account here as well as this magazine’s very own here. Now here’s a couple of pictures as a preview of what’s coming soon on TOWER TRIP. Enjoy!

-Jeff Lee

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Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

Jeff loves to discover and explore the best real estate with those who dream big and make it happen. He hopes to bring his marketing and content production expertise to the real estate world. He is also a Real Estate Broker operating in Montréal.