It was morning when Marc-Olivier Perron from Royal Lepage Altitude picked me up in his black 4WD Sedan in the Old Port. I got to admit that this fresh snowstorm that has been raging on all night added an overall magic cover over the whole Saint-Paul Street.


The unit were are visiting today is part of La Cité du Nouveau Monde, a renovated landmark building perched in the cozy Old Montreal.

“The interesting thing with these units is the extremely low inventory and access to a parking space. Remember, these buildings were built at a time when wealthy industrials were still riding horses” explains Marco while walking toward the elevator.



Walking in this unit was breathtaking.

“You see, that oh moment you had when you discovered the windows? It’s hard to get this reaction with new projects where floor plans are sometimes too much optimized and ceilings not that high. But don’t mind the colours and decoration, everything gets painted before it goes to market”.

So I understand Marco brought us to one of his “pocket listings”.


IMG_4805 IMG_4884 IMG_4922

The piano is probably negotiable.

“It also unfolds into a butterfly” tells Mr Realtor with a poker face.


You get unobstructed view on Kind-Edward Basin as well as the parks and waterworks along Rue de La Commune. Despite the fact that there’s no pool in the actual building, Bota Bota Spa is just a few minutes away.

IMG_4917 IMG_4891

Marc-Olivier is available for any inquiries and details about this listing here. Thanks Marco!


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