This is the 3rd part of our Vancouver summer series.

I’m sipping a latté on a terrace of Homer Street at Small Victory, a nice third wave coffee packed with yuppies from the creative side. “The best spot to perform people watching” briefed me my friend and host Vincent Malo. I’m in Yaletown, a grooving young professionals neighborhood just a couple of blocks from Downtown where startups, advertising agencies and hip new businesses provide an interesting crowd in their early thirties.

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I’m about to meet with Paul Albrighton from Remax Crest Realty, a young real estate broker who specialize in modern architecture lofts in Vancouver. He is known in the industry for selling residences by local designers and architects such as Arthur Erickson, Lang Wilson Practice (LWPAC), and Alda Pereira. After a warm handshake and a couple of jokes, we’re up on the 6th floor for a showing of one of the finest conversions in the area, a penthouse inside “The McMaster”, a 15 units 1920 industrial building completely revamped.

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The seller of this marvel was close to the original developer and was able to impose his vision during the conversion. The exposed brick walls and modern fixtures offer a seamless blend of heritage and modernism. It is actually the largest conversion in town right now.

IMG_3072 web-10 IMG_3069

Press a button and voilà!

I love the double full height garage-style sliding opening glass doors overlooking the heritage district of Yaletown.

This loft has the power to quickly transform into an airy and breezy open space in a couple of seconds.


IMG_3080 web-08

Unique pivoting mirror door

“Have you ever seen one of these?” asks Paul as he turns this door around to reveal the second bathroom.

IMG_3034 web-16

The entertainment room is a must, with its 1000 bottles wine cellar (all stacked up when we visited!).

IMG_3045 IMG_3047

The blooming private rooftop terrace

One thing I noticed about Vancouver dwellers is that most of them really know how to maximise their outdoor space. This apartment is not exception, with 1100 sq/ft of sun drenched space with  blooming irrigated garden, spa, kitchen and fireplace. All surrounded by white and blue glass & steel high rise buildings, typical of the Vancouver’s skyline.

Thanks to Paul Albrighton for the amazing showing and congratulation for the recent sale (4, 468 000$). More details here.

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