Brokers Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre and Roxanne Jodoin present another premium listing with very high entertainment value located in the Boisé of Boucherville, on the south-shore of Montréal. Tastefully built with straight lines, modern finishes and a minimalistic (yet cozy) approach. Divisions and split levels makes it easy to imagine how one could inhabit this place, and obviously, accommodate a lot of guests and/or throw lavish parties.

Offered at 2 150 000$ CAD.
Full listing info and pictures here.

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Now if you thought that was slick, glance at the backyard’s configuration. Protected by the back boisé, this setup allows for more fun without being concerned of ruining the Sunday afternoon of an immediate neighbor. Also note: 10 parking spots + 3 garages.

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Basement level is also great for your millennial independent teenagers, with a lot of light and space. There is an extensive wine cellar that some sneaky brokers would be tempted to list as another bedroom! Kidding nobody does that. In our opinion, the most tasteful room in this modern gem is the bathroom with fireplace and stand alone tub.

Full listing info & pictures here.


Thanks to Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre and Roxanne Jodoin for submitting this listing as part of our Fresh Listings column, if you are a real estate broker and just listed an out of this world property, you can submit it to our attention with this form here.

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