Power centers. We usually take them for granted and most importantly, we never really think about the individuals who built them. Maybe because they are not as sexy as an architecturally relevant luxury tower rising downtown Toronto or a carefully crafted new extension for a museum? Arrive Hosea Choga, a 22 years old developer at Wave Development who’s currently developing a 36M$ commercial project in Redwater, 40 minutes NE of Edmonton. The 10 acres parcel will be home to a gas station coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and the usual convenience chains. After several emails and exchange, here’s the story of an ambitious young man.

“I turned 22 two months ago , I’m from Toronto Ontario Canada I currently live Edmonton. I consider both of Edmonton and Toronto my homes and have tons of pride in both places. I’m inspired by people I meet every day in Edmonton from the local firefighters to people who run and organize such things as social services, charities.”

How did you first get a taste of real estate? 
My first real experience with real estate was at the age of twelve. We didn’t have a very big house ourselves so we would drive to different show homes and look at all the different types of houses each builder was selling and I would just be amazed be the overall presentation. I didn’t know I wanted to develop or work in real estate at the time, I just appreciated the beauty of it all.  Later on at 15 my dad had a large number of properties which he owned and didn’t hire a property manager so after school and on the weekends and half the summers me and my sister would basically manage the properties, kind of like a part time job but we didn’t get paid for it (haha).

“I knew I wanted to be in this field at around 18, so I made the decision after high school to not pursue university and plunge into real estate along side my dad who, constantly inspires me everyday. Watching him work kinda motivates me, and I’m glad we can combine my creativity and vision with his experience.”

Hosea Choga

Describe a challenge you faced in this project?
Financing was probably the most difficult aspect, it’s really all a lot of work, and there’s a lot of different things that people don’t take into account behind the scenes. That being said, I’m always welcoming to new investors. With all the obstacles I faced,  I’m still very determined to create great quality projects that everyone can enjoy and that make a difference in the community.

“I want to do more development projects across Alberta and maybe start some In Toronto and Vancouver one day. It would be really cool to collaborate on some projects with other developers  who I respect and admire.”

More info on wavedevelopment.ca
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