For this story, I invited Jamie Rose Maniscalco, an entrepreneur and CEO of her own business development firm Rose Relations, who lives in Brickell. She also formerly worked for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, which means she knows the right people. Because Brickell is a different animal. It has nothing to do with the crowded beaches and the loud after parties of Miami Beach. Brickell means business.


“The world doesn’t know about Brickell and maybe it’s better that way!” laughs Jamie while touring me the neighbourhood.

I discovered a fast-pace, business-type of area, with fine dining and luxury shopping options. At the same time, it was particular because everything felt very low-key and connoisseur. And then I got it. There was simply no tourists here. Brickell is home to the wealthy locals who work the Financial District of Miami. It’s a discreet microcosm, where people eat well, exercise and appreciate the most luxurious amenities.

Some Brickell dwellers seem to have swapped paddle boards for yachts.

IMG_1685 IMG_1681 IMG_1666

“Isn’t it amazing to be surrounded by so many beautiful, shiny things? Anywhere I work or play in Brickell will have that luxurious touch. It is hard to describe, but there is certainly something magic to it.”

I was obviously wondering if all that jazz and facade was somehow making it difficult to engage with strangers and try to make it in Brickell. Jamie brought me up to The Epic own patio bar Area 31 where she often goes for happy hours.

Jamie’s top 3 recommendations for drinks / dinner in Brickell

    • Better Days: it’s a dive bar but it’s great because it’s really a locals only vibe plus they have a pool table, craft beer and free popcorn.
    • Cipriani at The Icon :  upscale authentic Italian restaurant with yacht and water views, and my great friend Patrick Guerrette is one of the chefs.
    • Segafredo:  posh, upscale lounge atmosphere and one of the only spots in Brickell that has hookah. You can sit outside on plush couches surrounded by luxurious and architecturally unique high-rise condos, one of which is the Infinity.




“If you dress well and present yourself accordingly, people will want to know what you do. This is a business district and it’s all about connections. I moved here less than 2 years ago and I now gravitate into some very interesting circles.”

Jamie and I then drove to the secluded island of Brickell Key for a private tour of the penthouse unit at ASIA, currently on the market for 8,750 000$ US and listed by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty broker Silvia Alvarez. To access the private island, we had to cross the gated bridge and go through security.


Silvia Alvarez was very kind and elegant. She gladly told us the back story:

“In 1896, Henry Flagler organized a 9-foot deep channel dug from the Miami River mouth, creating two islands in the process. Then In 1943, Edward N. Claughton bought the Brickell Key islands and other land to combine them into a 44-acre triangle-shaped tract. In the late 1970s, Swire Properties bought most of the island and started developing it. I helped sell most of these developments in the 90’s” recount Silvia Alvarez.



The path around the triangle-shaped island also provides the perfect jogging course!

Inside the penthouse, soaring 12ft ceilings and 3 levels conveniently accessible with interior elevator. This is a true palace in the sky. This price tag is turn key, which means it comes elegantly furnished by Artefacto.

IMG_1606 IMG_1619 IMG_1634 IMG_1560 IMG_1527

You can also notice how the bedroom ceiling follows the kinked angles of the ASIA’s tower signature rooftop.

Brickell-Asia1 IMG_1595 IMG_1571 IMG_1589

Outside, the over 1600 Sq. Ft of terrace with private rooftop pool is spacious and breezy, allowing you to peek at the action below while keeping it confidential and safe. We’d like to thank Silvia Alvarez at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty for the great visit and the extra pictures on a sunny day.

Brickell-Asia2 Brickell-Asia3 IMG_1627



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