This story originally published on August 26, 2015 is part of our Classic Series we love to revisit.

No place else belongs more in fairytales than the Ritz-Carlton. After a century of cinema and literature, the simple thought of its name is now enough to fill our minds and hearts with images of magical romance, jazz-era roaring parties, white gloves concierges and Christmas miracles. Located right in the middle of the Golden Square Mile, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel opened its doors at 11:15 on the New Year’s eve of 1913 with a sumptuous ball.


More than a century later, we get an exclusive access inside a penthouse of the newly constructed Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, a 45 condo-residences glass structure annexed to the classic hotel, revealing a new perspective on a city we thought we knew. There, suspended in mid air, we are floating between the past, the present and the future.


Joining me in this visit is Rosalie Champagne, founder of La Grosse Businessa talent agency conceiving commercial synergies for influencers and brands. Also daughter of an architect, I knew she would appreciate the fine work the firm Provencher-Roy put into this project in order to blend the old building with the new.


This place is probably the most luxurious and immense private living room I’ve ever seen!” says Rosalie a bit amused by all this glass and light surrounding us. “I love the omnipresent natural light and the peaceful atmosphere, even if the PH is perched on Montreal’s busiest street. It feels like in another world.”

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The two floors are connected by a sumptuous spiraling staircase, a central feature that captivates as soon as you walk in. You can enjoy intimacy and entertain guests in this huge living area while your only neighbors are the silent gargoyles perched on top of Le Château right in front of you.

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“I could spend hours in here” tells me Rosalie, walking in the seventies boudoir with view on the iconic Mount Royal cross.


Approaching the railing on the second floor takes your breath away, as it gives you the impression of plunging into the city.


A wrap around terrace invites you to appreciate the mountain view. It is also when you step outside that you can notice how the two buildings come together.


The Ritz-Carlton may have gotten a new hat, but it is definitely still home to a warm and old soul.

We would like to thanks Rucsandra Calin, the Sales Director for the Ritz-Carlton Residences for her great generosity and the many details provided during both the scouting and the production of this article.

For more information about The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, please visit their website.

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