Located in a quiet area of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, the Nook Residence sits in continuity with the landscape in which it is part. Turning its back to the street, it offers a virtually blind facade that encourages discovery and piques curiosity. Strategically located openings and a large gap in the white mass give a hint at the beautiful scenery below as we approach the building.

Inside, the clear sequence of open living spaces on the ground floor successively unveils different views of Lake Memphrémagog to the visitor. Separating public from private spaces, a relaxation and contemplation area comes in as a pause in the architecture discovery course. Acting as lounge suspended over the void, this interior balcony between two levels accentuates our appreciation of the site in all its splender.

Acting as a landmark through the lush summer, the house changes with the seasons and its whiteness blends into the winter landscape as a tribute to the great Quebec winters.

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Vanida Nhouyvanisvong
Editorial Intern

Vanida is a Parisian student majoring in management and marketing from Nanterre University. She is passionate about art, indie rock music, and vintage design and decoration. She enjoys recycling old materials and gives them a second life. She also enjoys to discover and explore beautiful landscapes. She will contribute to develop editorial relationships and social media engagements with the Paris influencers.