The Grace Residences tower is one of Vancouver’s most alluring building. Standing in front of the locked up gate on Drake Street in Yaletown, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s inside. Gregg Baker from Sotheby’s warmly agreed to take us beyond the garden and up to the penthouse.

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Created by architect James Schouw, The Grace is designed to be simultaneously grand and intimate. As a series of gardens and vaulted passageways take you to the concierge lobby, you gradually escape the city to a timeless and confidential haven. The limestone walls, the luxuriant vegetation and mysterious overlooking statues create an intriguing oasis of calmness.

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Gregg explained that this type of old world design and architecture is rare in the city. One can quickly appreciate the fine craftsmanship put into the finishes and tileworks. Once inside the suite, a stunning spiral staircase leads to grand scale principal rooms with soaring ceilings, contributing to the dramatic effect of this residence.



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True floor to ceiling windows in this bedroom are very impressive. This intricate floor plan kept unveiling new rooms and living spaces. I have to admit I had a hard time capturing all the subtle angles and manage to render how I felt at the moment. This place was so vast I lost my broker at some point.

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I’ve seen a lot of unbelievable features so far in my explorations, but this one seems to top them all: An in-home infinity lap pool and whirlpool perched on the 6th floor! Because, why not?

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To add to this mix of indoor / outdoor spaces, a composition of small to medium private patios give a total of 1800 sq/ft of outdoor area. A flight of stairs wrapping around a corner will also take you up to the roof deck. Once again, that intriguing and beautiful feeling of traveling to a timeless place was visiting me. To learn more about this beautiful penthouse, please contact listing broker Gregg Baker.


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