Here we are again in architect’s dream land, this time to meet with Ashraf M-Ahmed of Fugère Architectes, who drew and developed the beautiful house who was recently sold for just shy of 1.5M$. We were lucky enough to visit a couple of days before the final delivery to the buyers.

The Atrium
What imposes as soon as stepping inside the contemporary house, is the bubble skylight floating above the kitchen island, drenching the whole floor in divine light.

On the second floor, two full bathrooms wrap around the mezzanine, where wide openings allow for sunlight to continue its journey. This layout also helps the five bedrooms to be separated throughout the house and breath intimacy.


The enclosed backyard

What also makes this project so special is the huge wooden yard and two parking spots in the alley, two rare perks for this former industrial area where buildings usually stand neck to neck, making outdoor spaces most often non-existent.

“You see this square opening here? It is aligned directly with the gate of the facing condo project on the other side of the alley. From our backyard here, we can peek all the way across the block into the Parc of Little-Italy” explained  Ashraf.

Charred Wood Sidings

The Japanese ancient technique (Shou Sugi Ban) consists of treating the material surface with fire in order to prevent it from weather/decay and add resistance and durability. It is also said that it has the double purpose of an insects repellent.

The energy of the area

All around, you can feel the creative energy and the uprising of the Mile-Ex as a creative hub, with revitalization projects like O Mile-Ex: two buildings being converted to provide the area with 370 000 square feet of commercial / office space. One already finished and welcoming its first tenants.

We would like to thanks architect Ashraf M-Ahmed for the private tour and congratulates real estate broker Mario Ashby at Remax for the recent transaction.

Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

Jeff loves to discover and explore the best real estate with those who dream big and make it happen. He hopes to bring his marketing and content production expertise to the real estate world. He is also a Real Estate Broker operating in Montréal.