Erica Smith and Lorena Magallanes, also known as The Condo Chicks recently announced they are exclusively listing 260 High Park Church Lofts and Residences in the desired High Park location.

“We are in the approval stages with the city of Toronto and expect to launch this fall! The project will consist of 77 spacious church lofts and newly constructed condominium units. Set in the desirable High Park neighbourhood, with unique architectural design and stunning features and finishes, these units should sell quickly. As the exclusive broker, Stomp Realty is excited about this project as it will truly be one of a kind!”

High Park Church Conversion

Artist concept only.


About the Condo Chicks and Stomp Realty

When I met the two energetic brokers and partners in Toronto , it was at Aura, one of the tallest residential building of the Toronto skyline.


“Aura is special for us because it is where we actually met, before joining forces and launching our own brokerage firm” explained Erica Smith.

“We were both part of the talented sales team that initially (almost) sold out this entire project for the developer and I guess we just bonded very well”, continued Lorena Magallanes. In a city and an industry often depicted by Shark-men personas, these two lady bosses really hope to rally and empower other women to develop and boast their business skills. “It is funny because sometimes, even male brokers will reach out and ask to be part of the condo chicks! I think it’s more of an attitude” laughed Erica. “It is obviously a brand that we would love to scale and export to other cities. Imagine the birdies on our logo wearing sunglasses for the Miami office!”, reflected Lorena.

Editor’s note: Yes, they really completed each other’s sentences.

To learn more about The Condo Chicks and follow the updates on the High Park church conversion project, visit



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