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Original pictures by JP Shoiry
Additional visuals by Golden Properties

Developer Jacob Abramson quickly winks and gestures to us to step inside as he keeps talking on the phone. Russian words echo through the immense atrium. On the other end, a foreign buyer is interested in this 8.2M$ turn key house Jacob just put on the market. He later told us he also speaks French, German, Portuguese to work with clients from all over the globe. We made ourselves at home.

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In fact, this property is the last remaining of a collection of four named Miami Golden Properties. 480 Ocean Drive was the first one built as a proof of concept :

“Anyone can come up with good renderings and sell projects on shiny paper”, explains Jacob. I wanted first to showcase my vision and prove it could actually be built.” We couldn’t look away from his electric blue eyes.

IMG_1138 IMG_1156

This place has everything you could wish for : passerelles, glass atrium, mezzanine loft space, retro-lighting floors, confidential pool surrounded by a green wall and an intricate set of corridors and rooms.

IMG_1223 Jacob_Abramson_480_ocean_blvd_golden_beach_chad_oppenheim_micheal_bay_suzette_guy_rosario_dawson_paris_kain_wall_street_jornal_36Mil_0030

Working with starchitect Chad Oppenheim, Jacob managed to render and sell the other 3 houses of the Golden Properties pre-construction, which includes a record breaking 36M$ dollar ultra high-end beachfront property on 699 Ocean Blvd, rendered below.


Former advertising agency owner in New York, Jacob creatively overviewed every aspect and details of this construction with a rigorous eye that flirts with obsession. Every choice serves a purpose and the end result is simply mesmerizing.


“This is a new ultra-high-end product for Golden Beach. It is modern, but yet timeless. I carefully picked the right consultants for everything:  lighting, furniture and art” tells the developer as we climb up the stairs, brushing past a Mr. Brainwash original piece. “This is one of his early work, I throw it in the turn-key deal as well”.


Jacob_Abramson_480_ocean_blvd_golden_beach_chad_oppenheim_micheal_bay_suzette_guy_rosario_dawson_paris_kain_wall_street_jornal_36Mil_0049 Jacob_Abramson_480_ocean_blvd_golden_beach_chad_oppenheim_micheal_bay_suzette_guy_rosario_dawson_paris_kain_wall_street_jornal_36Mil_0017

On the opposing wall hangs a printed silk artwork commissioned for this property. “The artist also created those rings, here” Jacob explains, while extending his fingers. You can easily tell how his genuine passion and storytelling was imbued in everything.


Once out on the upper outdoor space, the sunlight is warm and the salty breeze heals. “I wanted the architectural lines and features to culminate towards the ocean in a sort of climax here.” Across Ocean Drive, the private resident-only beach boasts unique white sands and is surrounded only by single-family residences.



Admiring how the property blends in perfectly with the mature vegetation, one could wonder about the challenges of construction.

“Oh, and the landscaping consultant created the whole thing, using some 200 species of greens and transplanting mature trees,” shoots Jacob, reading our thoughts.


We’d like to thanks Jacob Abramson for his precious time and generosity. To learn more about the Miami Golden Properties, visit the official website.

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