I believe successful people have the ability to first picture their dream so vividly in their mind, that they can then precisely craft every step towards completion. When I met Anthoni Jodoin inside this newly vacant commercial space on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, I was actually stepping inside his vision of soon-to-be Taverne Cobra. He quickly started to describe the floor plan, the amenities, the decor and art direction and it just felt very real at that moment.


The man behind the other established Montreal venues known as the Nacho Libre, Das Bier and Le Brutus always managed to create very entertaining concepts for his bars while avoidind the traps of trends and fads.

“I consider myself an artist first, and these venues are a way for me to express my creativity” tells the 36 years old bar owner and entrepreneur.

On his laptop opened on what seems to be a makeshift DJ booth in the middle of the room, we go over his moodboards and inspiration image folders for Taverne Cobra.

IMG_2148 IMG_2213

“The whole concept will be inspired by the bar from the 1989 movie Road House. The feeling of a border highway truckstop filled with locals and passerby. Always an interesting crowd.”

That was I believe his definition of a local dive bar where regulars from the surrounding Notre-Dame des Quilles, Vice & Versa, Bethleem XXX and the Little Italy’s park next door will feel at ease.

IMG_2210 IMG_2173

“We intend to serve frozen bucks of beer (no glasses, no pints) with a fresh selection of classic drafts and bottles from Miller to O’Keefe. Oh, and hot-dogs.”

For now, Taverne Cobra is just an empty and rough space on the slate. But doesn’t it get more real than that?

IMG_2178 IMG_2200



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