Tamy Emma Pepin is what you could call an artist-merchant: always dancing on the line of creativity and business. With her award-winning TV travel show across the UK, and her most recent series TamyUSA, broadcasted on Évasion, her drive, curiosity and desire for adventure have constantly taken her around the globe.

We caught up with Tamy during the photoshoot of her newest project Un Peu Plus Loin Collection: A Berber carpet & home decor collection sourced in Morocco (which is a division of her Un Peu Plus Loin brand — a creative agency and production studio that focuses on the creation, production, and distribution of content that has an impact on culture.)

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“I was thinking about doing this rug business for a while. I knew I was going to do it, but I needed that push — to go from an idea that I just talk to my friends about, to actually making it a priority and executing it.” she says.

“Because I was obsessing over the rugs, I started noticing them all over the place — on Instagram and Pinterest; during my travels, in LA and Paris. I was like wait a minute! I’m half-Berber Moroccan myself and I know where to find the most authentic and high-quality products. I booked a ticket right away. One for my mother too. She wanted to go on a vacation, but I somehow managed to convince her to go carpet hunting”.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tamy this excited about something. “There’s no way I was letting anyone start this business before me!” she laughed while we were driving to the shoot with her precious cargo in the back of the truck. We were on our way to Verdun where this sunny and open modern condo by KnightsBridge would be the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

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The Sourcing Process

Her journey took her to the markets of Marrakech, but mostly further in rural villages and in the Atlas mountains, because the real heroes of this story are the Berber Women who perfectly handcraft the traditional carpets. A large size piece like these can take up to a month to knot by hand!

“This is a creative and business venture that combines so many of my passions. Traveling, photography, design and building relationship with people and artisans. My grandmother and mother also come from rural Morocco. So this project is very personal to me as well, it’s not just about selling merchandise — it’s a way to reconnect with my origins and my identity”, she tells us.

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Technology & Tradition

Moroccan women are traditionally not the ones who keep the shops in the souks and markets, as they are busy creating rugs in their homes, most often than not, in remote villages.

“I really want to showcase the stories and the talent of the women who create these works of art. The entire symbolism found in Berber rugs is deeply rooted in the female psyche and reflect the spontaneity, the intuition of each artisan.

I’m just starting so it might be naive to think I can do it this way, but I I’d eventually like to get all the carpets of my collections at the source. If women can’t access the markets, because they’re removed in the mountains, I’m hoping that I can bring my online audience to them through technology. I want to cut the middle man and bring the market to them.

It’s definitely a challenge, but I like to push myself to do things in a meaningful way — whether it’s producing shows or selling carpets.

“Un peu plus loin” is French for “A little bit further”. It represents the idea of going further physically, through travel, but also being someone who goes the extra mile and seeks to surpass herself both personally and professionally.

Check out Tamy’s Berber rug collection, on the new and official site!


About this unit:

Magnificent and modern 3-bedroom unit built by KnightsBridge, recognized for its LEED certified and durable projects. Perfect home for a family with its private backyard, parking alley, large patio and well thought living areas. Live an active lifestyle in the heart of Verdun, just steps from the Metro and the flourishing Wellington street.

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