Story by Jeff Lee
Additional pictures by Jeanne RD and Mylene O’Malley

Editor’s disclosure: I’m collaborating with brokers and colleagues David O’Malley and Félix Jasmin of Engel & Völkers to market this unique property internationally. That doesn’t make this next story less relevant and magic.

Encounter of the Third Kind

Walking the lot towards the house felt surreal. Right there, deposed on top of a cliff, this spaceship of a house overlooks the lake and the overall surrounding terrain. Faithful to the Prairie School Movement, architect Roger D’Astous (a disciple of the late Frank Lloyd Wright) designed this house to organically blend with the hill.

It is not only elegant and clean, it also felt right.

And that’s when the spaceship lures you inside.

Suspended in Time

Even though it was commissioned and built in the 60’s, the house bears this intricate notion of being suspended in time.

A nostalgic tunnel vision of the past and the idealistic design of a future that never was.


For more than 50 years, this special place preserved a time of its own. Unchanged. While on the outside, elements dance and paint a different scene by the minute.

Land, Water and Air 

With more than 800 sq/ft of continuous shoreline, the lot was crafted to easily beach both hydroplanes and motorboats. You can either choose to see this as a complete connection (or disconnection) with the outside world.

One could simply decide to take off and fly out to great adventures up north for a sunny fall afternoon.


Usonian Touches and a Little Something Else

From the lozenge-shaped sliding doors of the closets, to the three stories tall standing lamp, many details throughout the house could be room for reflection. The intricacy of the angles or the curious floor plans force you to look twice and wonder: how did they come up with that and made it work? 

A Lot to Enjoy

The black bottom pool and waterfalls flow tastefully, right there underneath the old pines.

Drawing a peninsula, the lot provides intimacy while the construction itself along with the natural escarpment create different pockets and areas to gather or recluse.  


More About this Trophy Property

Obviously this house will find a buyer that is no alien to this level of taste, historical value and sophistication. If some of our readers or someone you know would like more information about this property currently on the market for 3,995M$, send me a note. I will personally make sure they get a proper introduction to my colleagues and friends.

Thanks to listing brokers David O’Malley and Félix Jasmin for their time. Also thanks to creative content producer Jeanne RD who joined me on this trip, you can read one of our previous jungle story here.


Jeff Lee
Editor-in-chief & Broker

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