With tall tower projects downtown Toronto, it is sometimes hard for a unit to stand out on the market. Not this time! This new unit liste by Andrew Moresi of E&V Toronto is breathtaking. Views of the lake, downtown, the CN Tower can be gazed at through massive two-story high windows. Depicted below in a variation of light going from magic hour to dusk, it is easy to imagine how one can be hypnotized and just sit in these flying sectional couches.

Offered at 8 995 000$

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“Completely redesigned unit in world renowned Shangri-La hotel Toronto. Architectural Design & Detailing by the renowned Architect Giacomo Bianchi. In the main living area sits a magnificent 2 story “Tromp L’oeil” depicting an “Ancient Roman Athlete” hand painted by Alessandro Bianchi. Gorgeous herringbone detailed oak flooring throughout the main and second levels. All walls hand carved with Venetian Plaster. “

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