Mark Savel is a born and raised Toronto broker with Italian roots, who is super active on social media. During my last stay in Toronto, I met with him for a Zabaglione at Bar Buca and a stroll of the notorious Graffiti Alley. Mark is involved with the street art scene, running the Instagram account @Streetartintoronto and representing some of the local artists in real estate deals.

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Out on the street and pumped up by this concoction of an espresso, sugar and egg’s white, he explains:

“Our late mayor Rob Ford had declared war on graffiti in the city at one point. This alley somehow became an epicenter for street artists where they were allowed to create murals, turning the alley into a destination for fans and travellers”.

One would expect that this organized chaos would affect the value of surrounding buildings, but it’s actually the opposite! It kinda brings a security and a respect for this back alley and prices of properties and office spaces is this area are on the rise. Well, like most of Toronto actually.

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“Don’t you feel this energy?” asks me Mark. “10 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined how fast the city is changing before our eyes right now. Restaurants, dive bars, culture and real estate are all booming and the whole city is vibrant and young and energetic”.

Okay, these coffees were pretty strong.

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Graffiti Alley is located just south of Queen West, the second-best world’s hippest district according to Vogue Magazine in 2014. Just the night before I was with our advertising partner Chuck Lapointe of Narcity Media at 416 Snack Bar for drinks and then we hopped a couple of venues around Queen & King West. It’s totally happening.

Mark then took me inside Sage Real Estate second office in this beautiful hard loft conversion located right by the alley.

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“The first office (pictured below) is super slick for meeting clients and this one is more of our satellite pad for the team.”

The place was warm, cozy and filled with treasures! Sage Real Estate is a boutique agency that boasts to be Toronto’s most philosophically and technologically advanced brokerage. I think Mark is a very good emulation of that vision, blending the lifestyle and connoisseur experience with the scouting and transactional process.



Inside the lofty space shines this aluminum plane wing table while in the conference room stretches a former bowling alley table. Strong table game here.

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I’d like to thank broker Mark Savel for showing me a great part of his city. Make sure to stay tuned for the relaunch of his blog Toronto Livings in the upcoming days and feel free to contact him for any brokerage inquiries in the Queen City.



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